7 Mar
Gordon-Levitt, Brolin, Alba, Rourke, Liotta, Keach, Willis & more

The duo of Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez return for the followup to their surprisingly good Sin City. What was surprising wasn’t that the original comic could be the template for a good film, it’s just that rarely is a comic book so loyally adapted to the silver screen. Using Miller’s actual comic frames to storyboard the […]

6 May
Robert Rodriquez's fake film awaits release

You may recognize the trailer below as one of the 4 fake films advertised in Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriquez’s Grindhouse double feature film. Rumors have circulated now for 2 years that the Weinstein Co was fast tracking Machete into production, and apparently the film has been made and is awaiting release. Now, due to […]

5 Oct
The last 10 minutes of the crappiest movie you'll never see

This has nothing to do with the image above, but I figured if it involves Fantastic Four we might as well look at peak-form Jessica Alba. The video below is the last 10 minutes of the lost Fantastic Four “film” that was never released…and for good fucking reason. Yes it’s old (1994), but keep in […]