9 Feb
Celebrating SNL 's 40th anniversary, live from your coffee table

If you’ve ever so much as turned on a television (even a an old-fashioned boob tube, with dials on it and rabbit ears), you remember Saturday Night Live, the homestead of so many of the greats of contemporary comedy—the iconic sketch show born back in 1975 that has been alive longer than most of the comedic actors […]

2 Feb
New York '90s post hardcore gods reunite for 2013 tour

One of my favorite bands of the ‘90s post-hardcore scene was Quicksand. They had a certain something that a lot of other bands of that time simply did not. Maybe it was being a New Yorker and finally having some hometown heroes succeed again, but whatever it was I was hooked. Part of that appeal […]

We missed this last week as LIAS was taking over Sicily and they don’t have Fallon on in Italy (just a bunch of people yelling about Berlusconi), but it’s just too good not to share. Odd Future, aka OFWGKTA, aka Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, performed on Jimmy Fallon for their first televised […]