Taschen has brought us stunning visual reference material on all the finer crevasses of the Humanities, from high art to film and even a little classic vintage cheesecake pin-up. But one topic that every intellectual and pervert alike can appreciate is making a ruckus about the tucchus, or waxing poetic at the new moon. That said, it is high […]

19 Aug
One man's garbage is another man's treasure

The work of Hamburg-based artist Thorsten Brinkmann is strangely disturbing and unsettling, in a way that you cannot quite put your finger on. By all descriptive accounts, his pieces are fairly innocuous — just people with random objects placed all over them. Yet there’s something sinister in the portraits. Something about substituting body parts with […]

16 Feb
Artist Daizi Zheng repackages health food for the addict in all of us

The world is getting fatter and Daizi Zheng aims to put a stop to it. Zheng cleverly re-packages fruits and vegetables to look like the vices we know and love. The artist hopes to appeal to people’s physical and psychological cravings by making nutritional food look the the vices we’ve all grown comfortable with. Although […]