10 Feb
Bryan Singer returns to save his glorious franchise from Brett "The Hack" Rattner — nerds everywhere, rejoice!

I will gladly admit the Mundt Nerd-o-Meter is going all about haywire right now at the release of the trailer to X-Men: First Class. After the much loathed celluloid abortion that was X-Men Last Stand — Brett Ratner’s shameless taint-fiddling shit bomb — the X-Franchise desperately needed to get its stomach pumped from the toxic […]

27 Jan
JGood's Sneaker Customization Kit

What better way to recycle an old pair of sneakers than to customize them yourself. The JGoods Sneaker Customization Kit is a a box that contains everything you need to nurture your artistic skills and create a one-of-a-kind pair of kicks. The box includes 5 jars of waterproof leather paint, empty mixing jar, brushes, wipes […]

These Adidas Originals’ Nizza Hi take the tech route, featuring an independent zipper closure that you lace up to the sneaker. Part of the Fall 2010 OT Tech Collection, the high-tops come in three colorways, feature premium leather uppers and subtle pattern details on the mid-sole. Pre-order them now at Crooked Tongues for £75.00 [$115] […]

5 May
The Berlin-via-Brooklyn-via-Barcelona emcee returns with more missives from outer space

Last time we talked to RQM was last August when he dropped his Barely Legal EP, and now he’s returned with his latest missives from the edge of the galaxy. Few mc’s take their craft as seriously as Berlin-via-Brooklyn-via-Barcelona rapper RQM, and his latest EP, Colors Fade, is testament to that lyrical commitment. Featuring productions […]