Maybe you’re used to seeing designer dude sneaker’s here, but any shoe capable of wrecking both the basketball court and the catwalk has a place in the Supermarket. And so, to appease the inner foot fetishist/lowrider in you, how about some heels on hydraulics? Fashion designer Sylvia Fado has combined ideas of functionality with high […]

29 Oct
GM turns its 400 horsepower legend into a fullsize play thing

Today at the SEMA auto show in Las Vegas Chevrolet unveiled its Camaro “Hot Wheels” Edition — the first time any manufacturer has offered a full-size, production Hot Wheels car. Although no performance upgrades were announced, the Chevrolet Camaro “Hot Wheels” Edition will feature an exclusive graphics-accented metallic Kinetic Blue paint scheme and red-lined wheels — […]

15 Mar
Humility and humor in the face of defeat

An animated typography interpretation of Conan O’Brien’s farewell address on his last day at NBC. Wow, truly bad ass. I’ve been with Team Coco since Day One (anyone who wrote the “Monorail Song” on The Simpsons has my eternal respect), and his humility and humor in the face of such a stunning career blow only […]

12 Oct
Michael Berger's kinetic rings

A new spin on mens jewelry, literally. Germany-based designer Michael Berger has just unveiled a new line of rings of kinetic jewelry — meaning, jewelry that moves. Consisting of geometric, sleek modern shapes, this jewelry has stacked different pieces together that actually move on top of one another. Crafted of 18K gold, silver, stainless steel […]

16 Feb
Pick up the cork, drop the batteries

Adele Peters’ Corky mouse uses piezoelectric elements to generate energy every time you click or move the mouse around on your desk, which is obviously quite often considering it’s a mouse. Using the same technology that battery-less watches use to harvest kinetic energy, the Corky mouse not only eliminates the need for disposable batteries but […]