6 Jul
Fondation Beyeler collects the country's 1st solo Koons exhibit

Fondation Beyeler in Basel, Switzerland is hosting the latest Jeff Koons showcase. The new exhibition displays Koons’ highly polarizing catalog in three different categories — The New, Banality and Celebration — all providing a key to the Koons sensibility. The New ironically focuses on the early work of Koons, the period where he incorporated cleaning […]

1 Apr
The Elf goes back to her childhood to celebrate a classic

How can I express my deep love of Clash of the Titans? The kitschy Ray Harryhousen Clash of the Titans with the mechanical owl and the silly SFX (I admit Pegasus flying through the sky looks pretty silly, in a beautiful sort of way) and weird jump cuts and Harry Hamlin’s big, fat pre-Botox-era lips? […]