23 Jun
Australia's psychedelic dream pop trio drop self-titled EP

Hailing from the eastern shores of Sydney, Australia, Sherlock’s Daughter‘s psychedelic twist on the dream pop sound immerses you into a world of lush, melancholic thoughts. Led by Tanya Horo, the frontwoman’s angelic, at times twee voice is backed by two bandmates bound to create a soundscape that matches her melodies — one often flourished […]

15 Feb
Portland 7-piece indie folkers reject the Cult of Autotune

Portland’s AgesandAges is a a seven piece allegedly non-cult band that refers to itself as a cult in the interview, so we’re confused. Considering the beautiful acoustic driven indie-folk AgesandAges play, however, we’d gladly spend a weekend in their foresty compound listening to them jam away — even if some dubious Kool-Aid were involved. Clearly […]