11 Oct
Joji Kojima's bizarre jewelry collection

From the mind of a graphic designer comes the quirky jewelry collection by Joji Kojima. Lady Gaga’s celebrity has helped elevate Kojima’s work into a fashion sensation after she wore his chain mail mask on the cover of her multi-platinum Fame Monster album. The line includes a ring with suspended skull, another ring festooned with […]

1 Mar
Designs like this will make me miss him all the more

There isn’t much to say about this eccentric accessory, it boldly speaks for itself. What you really need to know is that it’s another cheeky purse design from the late and great Alexander McQueen — a black and yellow striped whipsnake long box clutch adorned with a skull and crystal knuckle-duster push clasp, and I […]

27 Apr
Elegant? Fashionable? Really?

The product statement says that it’s an elegant and fashionable gift for women. Elegant? Fashionable? Really? Apparently in Warsaw (that’s where Ewa Bochen and Maciej Jelski, the two design types behind this piece are from) cultured females, when they’re not combing their hair need to protect themselves with knuckle-dusters.