24 May
Shoes for the 2nd best franchise in the history of the NBA

Normally I wouldn’t give anything associated with Kobe any shine (Celtics pride), but seeing as this pair of his signature shoes are dedicated to the greatest place on Earth I’ll have to make an exception. I’m not exactly sure how the Kobe 8 System low-tops represent Venice Beach, but I’ll just have to assume it’s […]

You know how Ken from Sales has that Kobe bobblehead on his desk that he’s so proud of? And then there’s Judy over in Accounts Receivables with her Dwight from The Office bobblehead, who’s totally considers herself way outside the box? Well now you can show up both those chumps with your super clever Che […]

28 Jul
When auto-brands, designers and pianomakers unite to make music

In the last decade Audi has completely transformed itslef, largely on the strength of its stunning design and engineering. When Walter de’Silva got ahold of the company in 2002 and began helming its design division, he turned its destiny 180 degrees — culminating in the mindblowing Audi s5, which he’s called his most beautiful design […]

I’m not sure how I missed the greatest event in human history, but apparently I did. This must’ve happened during that weekend I was abducted by the Invid, anally probed, and had my mind erased of all things awesome — cos that’s the only way to explain how in hell I didn’t know about this […]

Kobe Bryant unveiled his Nike Zoom Kobe IV today, its lightest basketball shoe ever, at Westchester High School in Los Angeles this morning. I dunno, it’s aiight I suppose — better looking than the Audi-designed Adidas foot toaster, that’s for sure. Tho I’m really not feeling the white front out-sole, but whatevs… The sneak will […]