7 Dec
Very little automotive excitement in the City of Angels

If you want to discuss the depressing state of the auto industry, you need venture no further than this year’s LA Auto Show to see just how low the industry has sunk. Nevermind that halo lines like Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini didn’t even bother showing up, the lines that did had very little exciting newness […]

The regular fervor of the LA Auto Show was lost this year due to the impending doom of what will forever be known as the “Big 3 Bailout“. Auto execs of Ford, GM and Chrysler left their stations unmanned while they flew private jets to Washington to grovel at the feet of the Senate Congressional […]

Ford’s given its successful 5th generation Mustang its first major facelift since debuting in 2005, and revealed it tonight at Barker Hanger in Santa Monica. Executives claimed the Mustang is America’s best selling sports car, which I guess could be true. The 2010 incarnation has some significant improvements over its present model, the most dramatic […]