Known for engineering and producing for dudes like the M.I.A., Chemical Brothers, Diplo, The Freestylers, Roll Deep, Wiley, Lady Sovereign and most notably Deekline — he of Deekline & Wizard fame — the man known simply as Wizard has unleashed a minimix of most megamix robustness. Featuring a mindboggling 205 tracks in 10 minutes, Wizard’s […]

Peep Lady Sov‘s first video from her upcoming sophomore album Jigsaw (out April 7th), directed by David Allain ( (Ting Tings “That’s Not My Name”). As already noted, for awhile SOV was on the verge of becoming unlistenable to me — she just irritated the hell outta me. But then I heard the new album, […]

Looks like Lady Sovereign is changing up her image, which is probly a good thing. To be honest, my tolerance for all things Lady Sov is pretty low…the biggest midget in the game kinda bugs. First, she canceled a bunch of shows due to “exhaustion” (I wonder if Ozzy ever canceled due to “exhaustion”), and […]