As you know last week Lost In a Supermarket sponsored the Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Tour when the traveling roadshow hit Los Angeles last week, and it was madness — the line went all the way down Vine and spilled onto Hollywood Blvd. There were so many people trying to get in that the […]

18 Jun
At least Boston is guaranteed a celebration about something

To honor the 7th game in the NBA Finals, LIAS is bringing you a sneak peek at the latest group of cities featured in the Vans City Pack. While our office here was split on our loyalties, the Lakers pulled off the championship and we salute them. As a tribute to the Celtics, who no […]

Quick congrats to the Boston Celtics for winning their 17th Championship. Sure, the Final game was a bit boring (unless ur a dirty Bostonian who elicits some perverted glee by watching Kobe and the Lakers getting utterly dismantled by 39 points), but the best part was watching Kevin Garnett completely lose his marbles on live […]