Brazilian artist Stephan Doitschinoff will soon be releasing his second monograph, CRAS, through German publishers Gestalten. The book showcases paintings, sculptures, installations and performances that the self-taught São Paulo artist has created over the four years since his first book, Calma. Son of an Evangelical minister, much of Doitschinoff’s work offers a critique of society, […]

When looking through Tixinda‘s portfolio, it’s hard not to get blown away almost immediately. What strikes you first is their talent for conflating the best of Western street culture with Hong Kong street culture, and lacing it out in Aztec and indigenous Mexican cultural influences. They’re dedicated to making this cultural bouillabaisse accessible to all […]

8 Dec
New York and Austin unite to bring you...psychadelic afrobeat?? Why not...

Ninja Tune artist Antibalas (aka Martín Perna) and partner Adrian Quesada (of Grupo Fantasma ) are the latin funk and afrosoul wonder that is Ocote Soul Sounds. The duo are releasing today a deluxe re-issue of their third LP, Coconut Rock, which was released in June on ESL Music. The deluxe edition features include five […]