8 Mar
Made from 100% leather

Taking something so familiar and reinventing it isn’t an easy task, but Kim Artifacts has done it exceptionally with their Papr bag, a design inspired by the classic lunchtime storage device, the paper bag. The Papr bag is made from leather and lined on the inside with a plush fabric. It’s equipped with a pocket […]

16 Feb
GLAD is going to be pissed they didn't think of this first

Louis Vuitton, the designers famed for their ever so chic handbags, have now reinvented…the plastic trash bag. Now, I am torn between whether I love the conceptual design of this bag, or whether I’m insulted that Louis Vuitton would attempt to sell me what is essentially a garbage bag for nearly $2,000. The Louis Raindrop […]

9 Feb
Made from 224-year-old Russian leather

Avast me mateys, batten down the hatches, hoist the aft sheets and shiver me timbers! I don’t know what any of that means either but typing it felt right when paired with the Gladstone hunting kit bag from G.J. Cleverley. This limited edition bag was hand crafted from Russian leather which was salvaged from the […]