20 Nov
Clean lines: what's new in e-vehicles

The new nCycle boasts of being the next level in eBikes, and has been getting people talking since its debut appearance at Euro Bike 2014. While pushing the envelope in eBike capabilities, the nCycle stays true to a simple, sharp design thanks to its continuous flowing frame that houses the bike’s powering and functionality within. Notable capabilities include top […]

If any album deserves a re-issue, it’s Massive Attack‘s 1991 masterpiece Blue Lines. The Bristol collective have spent some time in their studio piecing together original recordings to produce a fully remastered version of this groundbreaking debut. Influenced from the glories of downtempo, electro, soul, reggae, jazz, hip-hop, and god knows what else, the innovative album […]

23 Apr
Reintroducing Los Angeles to its dark roots

Flavie and Clay Webster, the creators of the up-and-coming luxury leather line Cerre, meld the elements loved most about this city’s history — its glamour, buoyancy and brutality. They have reintroduced Los Angeles to its dark roots, reminding us that she is anything but natural or blonde. The auspicious birth of Cerre reads like an […]

22 Feb
The gold standard in trench coats gets the waxed cotton treatment

One day I’ll be able to afford a Burberry Trench Coat, and it just might be this double-breasted waxed cotton version. Featuring raglan sleeves, a chin strap with leather covered buckle, buttonable epaulettes and a buttonable gun flap at right chest, the waxed cotton adds a little flair to what has become the worldwide standard […]