30 Mar
Ethan Higbee and Adam Bhala Lough highlight the dub pioneer

This trailer for the upcoming Lee “Scratch” Perry documentary The Upsetter came out this weekend, but seeing as we’re such huge fans we figured better late than never. If you consider yourself an appreciator of music, then there is probably little need to introduce Scratch — considered by many to be the Grandfather of Dub […]

10 Nov
The documentary Lil Wayne doesn't want you to see will be released November 17

I don’t care if Lil Wayne has Top 10 hits, that dude is anytihng but mainstream. Whether its his Predator-like looks, copious face tattoos, gravelly wheeze or his brilliant metaphor-loaded rhymes, the guy is the antithesis of the brainless saccharine pop star. Who woulda thunk the guy who blew up as one of the Hot […]