30 Nov
Billie Achilleos celebrates 25 years of French luxury in Australia

British artist Billie Achilleos has crafted these Australian animal icons out of Louis Vitton bags to celebrate the vaunted French luxury label’s 25 years in the Land Down Under. They were commissioned by LV to dress up their flagship Louis Vuitton Maison store in Sydney — the highest level of LV shopping available, the Maison stores only […]

As if branding oneself hasn’t already elevated to an absurd level, Brandages may take the vanity cake and smash it. From Chanel to Louis Vuitton, the limited edition disposable bandages are emblazoned with a number of luxury designer’s well-known logos. While the products from Brandages are indeed functional, if you feel the need to cover […]

For Summer 2010 luxury house Louis Vuitton has released a new white-and-red colorway of their Tower Sneaker. The mid-top sneaker has a white leather base with the LV monogram pattern embossed, with accents set in a red patent leather, matching the red logo tongue tag. Simple and clean for summertime. via Highsnob

In honor of the fast-approaching 2010 FIFA World Cup, French luxury house Louis Vuitton has designed the incredibly odd soccer (or futbal for those outside of the U.S.) inspired travel bags. Now, I can’t exactly say that Louis Vuitton designed the bags specifically for the upcoming worldwide event, especially considering they are on the Fall/Winter […]

16 Feb
GLAD is going to be pissed they didn't think of this first

Louis Vuitton, the designers famed for their ever so chic handbags, have now reinvented…the plastic trash bag. Now, I am torn between whether I love the conceptual design of this bag, or whether I’m insulted that Louis Vuitton would attempt to sell me what is essentially a garbage bag for nearly $2,000. The Louis Raindrop […]

24 Sep
Observations of recessions

Thanks to our girl Marianne Renoir, who did her work on time but suffered cos we were late (or rather, Lost). No worries, her upcoming reviews for Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks will run on time! We promise Renoir! Fashion Week in NY the past week was, in my opinion, a bit disappointing. While it’s […]

31 Aug
Guns, grenades and chainsaws vs. fashion’s biggest designer logos

Gazing out from behind Prada sunglasses in a cloud of Burberry and Alexander McQueen, you must often find yourself pondering: Self, wherein lies the limit to my insatiable thirst for designer labels? Well, refer to artist Peter Gronquist for a worst-case scenario. His Sculpture + Weapons series features guns, grenades and chainsaws (disabled first, of […]

War is a profitable business, indeed. Sadly though, the ones making all the cash aren’t the ones fighting on the front lines. We send the poor to fight the rich man’s war. If the “well-to-do” did actually hit the front lines, though, they’d probably loathe the standard issue chemical warfare masks they’d be forced to […]