Welcome to the inaugural edition of Checking In, the latest series in Lost In A Supermarket’s quest to cover all things we hold most dear. In this hotel review series sure we’d be tempted to just cover the most expensive or exclusive hotels in the world (who wouldn’t), but that will not be our sole […]

18 Jan
Reclaimed sporks, plastic red cups and Le Corbusier chairs

Last week we brought you the ingenious Hangover Lamp and freezable beer tray, courtesy of one Luis Luna. Well his talents lay much deeper than simply reclaiming plastic red cups and making them pretty. Sure, we also love the Gluttony Lamp above — which does similar work as the Hangover Lamp only with plastic cutlery […]

11 Jan
A beautiful solution for those hideous red cups

I like how this guys thinks. Luis Luna has designed a beer case (below) which is not only aesthetically pleasing but functional. You remove the silver tray — which is filled with water — and stick in your freezer. You then put it back in the case and fill it with beers, keeping your Fat […]