2 Jun
The Kosmos Projects' Memento Mori skull clock

The Kosmos Project have designed a compelling — if somewhat morbid — table clock shaped like a human skull called Memento Mori. Launched in 2006 by Ewa Bochen and Maciej Jelski, the Warsaw studio describes the Memento Mori clock as “a red projection on the forehead bone. The time looks like integral part of the […]

27 Apr
Elegant? Fashionable? Really?

The product statement says that it’s an elegant and fashionable gift for women. Elegant? Fashionable? Really? Apparently in Warsaw (that’s where Ewa Bochen and Maciej Jelski, the two design types behind this piece are from) cultured females, when they’re not combing their hair need to protect themselves with knuckle-dusters.