22 Dec
Hidden stash pockets & magnets keep you safe from Johnny Law

High end graffiti paint manufacturer Clash have teamed up with Italian brand IUTER to create the ultimate bomber hoodie, especially made for the graf writer who wants to stay real undercover (and which ones don’t?). The hoodie features several hidden pockets custom-built to stash all the nefarious tools of a graf bomber’s trade. There are […]

Dying to leave a message for the vile jerks who eat your leftovers at work? Flip them off cursor-hand icon style with these Cursor Magnets for your (and your cubicle’s) refrigerator. Why sit around and be all passive aggressive, just get aggressive and let people know how you feel about their pilfering ways. That, and […]

13 Jul
Get shots you never could before with Joby's Gorillapod Magnetic

Even amateur photographers, if they want to elevate their craft, will frequently find themselves in need of a tripod. No, you can’t carry a 10-pound professional telescoping tripod everywhere you go, but you can make do with a more portable option that you can bust out under low light, when conditions force you to use […]

26 Apr
Magnetic Power Stays by Wurkin aim to keep you fresh

You know how when your shirts get a little old or well-worn the collars start to droop like wilted broccoli? These Power Stays by Würkin aim to fix that, but unlike most traditional stays they use the power of magnetics to accomplish their sartorial goals. The high-tech alloy stays are made with the same material […]

It’s cool to see someone take something so high-tech and fundamentally futurist as iPhone Apps and transform them into something as intrinsically primitive as magnets. Jailbreak Collective’s App Magnets are a simple and humorous take on the breathless App-obsessed world we live in (although, truth be told, I did just download the priceless Coachella App…shocker), […]