Not satisfied with simply slathering their high-top suede sneakers with white paint, Maison Martin Margiela has decided to offer you the ability to wear wood on your feet… like clogs but more stylish. Or at least shoes that look like wood, but are actually brown 100% napa leather with a wood effect applied. The shoes […]

25 Jan
White paint on white suede for extra white

Maison Martin Margiela loves their white — the more white, the better. Taking this mindset to an extreme, MMM took some already off-white suede high-top sneakers and slathered them in white paint, creating their aptly named White Painted High-tops for their Spring/Summer 2011 collection. The shoes feature a natural gum rubber sole which is partly […]

23 Dec
Belgian couture sneakers at Porvocacao

Belgian luxury couture label Maison Martin Margiela has these standout high top sneakers available at Porvocacao. Constructed of premium black leather, the shoes feature a perforated toe box and tongue, color contrasting off white laces, a padded cutout overlay at the heel collar, off white leather lining and a translucent gum midsole. Pick them up […]

3 Nov
Camel/camel plaid coat in virgin wool

Maison Martin Margiela gives us another reason to look forward to some cold winter nights. A classic duffle coat lifted straight from old naval photograph, the camel color reversible offers the option of a camel color plaid on the inside. Made in Italy from luxurious virgin wool fabric, the straight fitted coat features leather toggles, […]

6 Oct
Take a Bic pen, put a feather on it, label it Margiela and collect $65

You gotta love it when a luxury fashion house like Martin Margiela underscores the at-times superficiality of branding. Take their collaboration with Paris design house ENO, the Feather Pen — it is essentially an all-white Bic pen with an ostrich or goose feather attached. Sure it’s real soft, decorative, and kind of a tip to […]

If these seem to remind you of a routine visit to your doctor’s office, you aren’t too far off. The Maison Martin Margiela Sneakers, inspired by medical footwear, are made from soft white leather and are a stark contrast to the typical canvas slip-ons that you’d usually see around town. Along with the matching white […]

Known for their somewhat flamboyant style, Maison Martin Margiela have just released their Spring/Summer 2010 Collection, which include the Icognito Assemblé models above. And as bespoke as these are, they’re still restrained when compared to earlier collections (see 2 earlier models below and after the Jump) which had decidedly 80s-futuristic TRON-like styling elements. For Spring/Summer […]

The ever fearless Maison Martin Margiela’s new jewelry collection uses silver with unique texturing to appear as if all items — rings, bracelets and key tie clips — were wrapped in aluminum foil. Which kind of goes against the normal marketing rules of making cheaper stuff look more expensive, not the other way around. The […]