5 Apr
Black Lips "Modern Art" Video by Brian Butler

The ever awesome Black Lips are back with their first video from a track featuring the production skillz of Mr. Mark Ronson (the last one was a song produced by Deehunter’s Lockett Pundt). The pairing of Ronson with Black Lips should result in much musical goodness, and “Modern Art” is a great start. The clip […]

You gotta give it to Agent Provocateur — the British couture lingerie label makes videos that truly highlight the fruits of their product. Their last Private Tapes series surely made the best of their designer undies, and this video perhaps outdoes it — at least in the creepiness factor. Filmed as if shot by a Peeping […]

14 Jun
The Voltron of NYC producers

When interviewing Mark Ronson about 5 or so years ago I remember he was all excited cos he’d just found a “new sound” that he was really jazzed about, and played us a Radiohead cover which he recorded in his Amy Winehouse/Big Band sound. As much as I loved it, I remember thinking there’s no […]

4 Nov
Gucci and Mark Ronson collab on a shoe, then launch Gucci iPhone App to sell it. Sneaky bastards.

The Gucci Icon-Temporary pop-up store opened up to the public on October 24 in New York City at 43 Crosby Street and will be open for the rest of the week, and will then will go on a semi-world tour to Miami on December 1st (ostensibly for Art Basel), and then London and Tokyo in […]

DJ AM’s Welcome Home party went down Tuesday night in LA and it was easily the party of the year…if not years. A lot of people wanna hate on AM (aka Adam Goldstein) cos of the whole “celebrity DJ” angle, but that’s just cos kids are ignorant — AM’s an extremely adept technical DJ and […]

 Ok, so it’s not the timeliest of posts but this pic was taken in Miami at Mark Ronson’s Saturday night shindig at the Florida Room in the Delano Hotel. It was a madhouse, with many a long-legged 20-year old blonde outside begging to get in, usually wearing this really cool accessory that’s mad hot in […]