27 Nov
Small displacement odes to two-wheelers of the early 1900s

In the halcyon years of the fin de sicle, motorcycles were evolving from rough hewn bicycles with ad hoc clip-on engines attached to full on finished vehicles with a completed concept and big picture aesthetic. By the 1920s, bikes like Matchless, Motosacoche, Brough Superior, Clement, Royal, Monarch, Pope, Minerva, Reading-Standard, Thor etc had launched and […]

1 Apr
The oldest bike manufacturer in the world begins US invasion

Along with many of the competitors of its day — such as Matchless, BSA, Norton, Triumph, etc — Royal Enfield converted its plants from making an array of powered goods (including motorcycles) to producing firearms during WWII. After the war, it was among that breed of British motorcycles above that defined an era. With the […]

4 Jun
Bultaco, Ducati, Matchless, Norton, BSA, Laverda, Crocker and Brough Superior

The third volume of vintage Motorcycle logos collected at the Quail Motorcycle Gathering (see Vol I and Vol II here). This week is a bit special due to the presence of three incredibly rare and coveted motos, the Crocker, Sunbeam and Brough Superior. Not that Bultaco, Ducati, Matchless, Norton, BSA or Laverda are anything to […]