We’ve covered some of TREATS! magazine’s, well, treats before — such as their Naked Models Riding Around On Fixed Wheel Bicycles (I know, pretty much a no brainer). The high-end men’s magazine — think Playboy but with fashion models shot by actually talented photographers — puts a premium on well curated editorials. Their most recent […]

Because it’s Friday, and because we love you (for the 78th time), we bring you the latest piece of visual beauty from Purple Magazine. Probably very little else to say here, except maybe you can credit photographer Matteo Montanari for his skill in capturing Australian supermodel Elyse Taylor while she enjoys the benefits of fresh […]

7 Jun
Cap off your look with a little Italian linen

With a successful August 2010 partnership under their belts, Apolis Global and Matteo — two California-based apparel and linen companies — are joining forces once again. Their Spring 2011 collection is a collaboration of maritime inspired accessories, including the Apolis + Matteo Linen hat — a fine cap to hit the beach when the sun […]