20 May
The Andes Transporter could save a lot of relationships

It’s always hard to tell what’s real in these wacky interwebs, but this marketing ploy by Argentinian beer company Andes sure seems to be legit. Not only legit, but really quite inventive. In this think-inside-the-box, free-social-media, scantily-clad-promotional-girls world of beer advertising you have to take your hats of to Andes if they really pulled this […]

10 May
Like angels dancing on your tongue, but better

I was recently deployed on a mission to Maui. It was my first time in Hawaii, which is sort of surprising considering my espionage work dispatches me to the far corners of the globe. I was surprised by many a discovery, not the least of which was that the east half of the island is […]

2 Apr
Italian carry-on all you'll ever need to control the intertubes

As we continue further plugging ourselves into the grid, inextricably enfusing more and more with this global consciousness known as the intertubes, we become more and more dependent on constant access to information. We’re either absorbing data from this flowing universe, or we’re contributing data to it. Either way, we’re plugged in more and more […]