6 Feb
A reclusive computer genius explores the meaning of life

Terry Gilliam returns with his latest humorously skewed take on society with The Zero Theorem. It’s not that Gilliam’s views on the human condition are tangential, it’s that he often makes allegories that illuminate the bottomless bullshit in modern society better than almost anybody. In his best work — Brazil, Fear & Loathing In Las […]

23 Dec
Stuff Melanie Iglesias "Flip Book: Xmas Edition" in your stocking

Why is this my favorite time of the year, you ask? Because it’s the only time we’re not inextricably tied to the insatiable whore known as the Blogosphere. See, most of you go home and your work day is done — you play with the kids, log onto Battlefield 3 on your Xbox or just […]

5 Jan
Messy kisses, Holden Caulfield, honky tonks and hugs

The continuing saga of one girl’s plight with unemployment…(read vol I,  vol II, vol III, vol IV, vol V,  vol VI, vol VII, vol. VIII vol IX, vol X , vol XI and vol XII) I was recently home in the great state of Texas. As I write this I’m realizing that Texas is so supremely awesome, it should always be written in all […]