13 Nov
Blanket-inspired wool duffle bag with brass hardware

Let’s face it: unless you’re camping, pass the age of twenty-two the old two strap, schoolboy backpack is downright unacceptable. Once you’ve graduated it’s time to upgrade. Pendleton has released a 21.5 -inch leather plaid weekender duffle bag to replace that shabby sack you keep laying around for quick trips to the coast — it […]

23 Nov
James Sherwood covers the history of the UK's most famous fashion street

Bespoke: the Men’s Style of Savile Row is a detailed book covering the history of bespoke tailoring — a British term used to describe tailoring to the fitter’s exact specification. What is actually just a very small street in London, Savile Row is known worldwide for its excellent bespoke tailoring. In this 256 page hardcover […]