18 Jul
Cee-Lo Green and The B-52's provide a stalker's soundtrack

As we explained in our Revenge Of the Teddybears feature a couple weeks back, we’re big fans of the half-man, half-bear hybrid producers. Finally the Swedish trio release their first official video from their Devil’s Music album — for the single “Cho-Cha”, which features the vocal stylings of Cee-Lo and The B-52’s. The video stars […]

I’m not sure what they infuse their vodka with up in Sweden, but the tiny nation (population under 10 million) churns out more impossibly catchy hitmakers per capita than anywhere else on Earth. From the early days of Abba to the 90s pop dominance of Roxette, Cardigans and Ace of Bass onto the modern indie […]

17 Jun
Ed Banger producer gets his Michael Jackson touch on

The new Breakbot video for upcoming single “Fantasy”, featuring Ruckazoid. Tony Frontal directs the Ed Banger producer getting his Michael Jackson touch on… get your Friday shuffling…

25 Jan
The essence of MJ...for better or for worse

It’s a fragrance that embodies the essence MJ—that is, the chemists who whipped up this concoction created a scent that would be sure to attract young boys. Aren’t there laws against this? Ok, ok, I know what some of you Thriller-fanatic, look-the-other-way type people are saying, “But MJ was the greatest pop artist of all […]

6 Jan
Your guide for a savvy and forward-thinking 2010

It’s a brand spanking new year, and there’s so much to look forward to and even more to leave behind. 2009 wasn’t kind to anyone, so I’m sure we’re all psyched just to leave that year in the past and welcome in the pure potential of what 2010 has to offer. In that mindset we […]

20 Jul
Fragile? Check. Over Indulgent? Check. Childish? Check. In Debt? Check. On Drugs? Check.

Sometimes Bill Maher (his writers?) slays it—like this past weekend when he compared America to Michael Jackson and how he reflects everything that’s going on in our nation perfectly. I couldn’t agree more. Fragile? Check. Over indulgent? Check. Childish? Check. In debt? Check. On drugs? Check. And over-the-hill? Well, you’ll just have to see how […]