25 Aug
Limited edition availability through Visual Ark Taipei

Indonesian artist Arkiv Vilmansa is finally delivering on his long awaited promise with the MICKIV classic grey vinyl toy. Only 200 grey MICKIV figures will be available in this limited-edition run, set to drop August 29th. The somewhat faceless Mickey Mouse-reminiscent grey vinyl toy stands 8″ tall and is being sold for $100 through Visual Ark Taipei.

Epidermis isn’t important if you’re made of plastic. In fact, it’s really just boring. The new non-collaborative toy release from KAWS and OriginalFake divides KAWS’ signature black and white “Companion” figure in a straight up half-sliced manner, leaving one side abstract black and white Mickey Mouse and the other side all internal organs and muscle […]

9 Jan
Everyone's favorite Disney rodent as a “stained-glass” vinyl toy

Artist David Flores takes his signature “stained-glass” painting techniques and applies it to Disney’s favorite mouse, Mickey. Flores created a visually striking 10” statue of Mickey but with the minor change of replacing Mickey’s head with that of totenkopf symbol. The totenkopf is a German symbol of death, and makes the usually jolly Mickey Mouse […]

Have you heard Hanni El Khatib? The first generation half Palestinian/half Filipino is just bad ass, angrily riffing out a cunning execution of classic American blues, garage, punk and doo-wop into a post-rock n’ roll frenzy. Just hit play on his “Come Alive” video below and you’ll know instantly if you’ll like his music — […]

23 Sep
Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals by Originals latest monstrosities

A lot of people wanna hate on Jeremy Scott’s contributions to the adidas Originals by Originals collection, but I think it’s rad. Would I wear a Teddy Bear on my feet? No. But I do tip my hat to someone who at least comes out with something original for a collaboration titled Originals by Originals. […]

4 Mar
The happiest place on Earth is now on your feet

Jeremy Scott’s Mickey Mouse Adidas sneaker concoction first made an appearance about a year ago, and lucky for all Mickey Mouse and/or sneaker fanatics that have been waiting anxiously, these are on sale now. Jeremy Scott has been known to have an affinity for giant tongues on his sneakers and he’s taking it to a […]