Luke Chueh initially started out by painting up a print of a thirst-quenching, tapioca-pearl drink pun of a Star Wars favorite — but it has now made its way to the Singapore Flabslab factory as a 9″ resin toy. Considering that the limited-edition Boba Fett print sold out something fast, it’s no wonder that the artist not only follows […]

23 Jun
A Milk exclusive Stark suit greyed-out & battle tested

A new Milk exclusive from 3A is the Marvel favorite, Iron Man. As can be expected from the world class toymakers at 3A, the Milk Magazine Iron Man is loaded with unique details, like a grayed-out color way that denotes its prototype, testing nature. The 1/6 scale figure features crash test marks and various Stark Industries marques, and comes […]

8 Aug
Celebrate a culinary Dia de los Muertos every day of the year

Chocolate skulls are the perfect edible arrangement if you wish it was Dia de los Difuntos every day of the year, to hell with Damien Hirst. Leaving all recent media run-ins with drug-induced cannibalism behind us as a human race, these skulls come in three different shades of chocolate — White, Dark and the aptly named Bone […]

28 Mar
A documentary on the creative minds behind advertising culture

Yesterday I caught the film Art & Copy by Doug Pray, his latest documentary in a career dissecting underground art forms that end up heavily influencing mainstream culture. But unlike his previous films (Surfwise, Scratch, Hype!), Art & Copy is about one of the most mainstream and pervasive forms of art there is: advertising. The […]

24 Mar
The Original Crispy Bowl for eternal stoners

At last, a bowl that will prevent my cereal from ever getting soggy. The only problem is that I’m one of those rare people who actually set their cereal out, full of milk, to marinade just long enough to kick out the crunch. You can’t please everyone. But if you’re on the crunch team, aside […]

8 Dec
Ricochet Studios performs some alchemy

Transforming one of life’s ugliest and most utilitarian containers into a thing of beauty, Ricochet Studios renders a milk carton out of white porcelain. Ranging in 3 sizes from small to large, details of the original visual aberration are cast in vitrified porcelain to make it into a functional vase. The interiors are also glazed […]

5 Feb
Limited edition 2010 spring/summer line

You really can’t go wrong when Lanvin’s Alber Elbaz teams up with Swedish denim line Acne, as they continue to do for their 2010 Spring/Summer line. Today they released a first look at their new high top — being Acne, denim is a must. The sneakers also feature highlight piping and a Missoni-like zigzag design. […]