16 Dec
Pomp & Clout Mix Series Vol.8 goes Bollywood

Mad Decent producer-at-arms Paul Devro drops a Bollywood-inspired mixtape for the holidays. As Devro explains: “Pomp and Clout asked me to make them a mixtape for them of whatever i wanted, so i thought i’d put my Bollywood disco record crates to work. So here it is, my xmas gift to you, super rare, super […]

24 Jun
Jeff Mills combines the CD and vinyl into one piece of music

Legendary Detroit techno producer/DJ Jeff Mills created a disc with vinyl pressing on one side and a CD mix on the other. This Occurrence project merges analog and digital together in one format for the everyday music listener. Mills released this new piece of technology as part of his ‘Sleeper Wakes’ series — his project […]