It’s a phone walking a dog — cute! In case you can’t tell, the cellphone is crafted to the profile of a human face, with a little nose and sweet googly eyes; check out the images in the gallery below to see it playing with its other accessories — like going fishing, or tying its […]

26 Oct
Acronym's solution to dying batteries

Society is so reliant on technology, a couple minutes without a mobile phone now seems like an eternity. So what are you supposed to do when you’re out and your cell phone battery is almost dead? Acronym’s 3A-MSOL1 Modular Solar Panel aims to solve all your battery related problems. Connect the cable to the accumulator […]

17 Aug
Clever solutions to the puny limitations of cell phone cameras

While the iPhone 4 might have the most impressive built-in camera ever made, the truth is that there still are limitations as to what iPhone can or cannot do (nevermind other mobile phone cameras). But Photojojo! has solved this setback through their Camera Phone Lenses, which attach to the iPhone or any other camera-equipped phone […]

13 Aug
Joshua Ben Longo finally collects some coin from making stuffed animals

One of the artists we’ve loved for awhile (and did an awesome featured interview with), Joshua Ben Longo has gotten a big break with German ad agency VCCP. Working for their client Euro Telecommunications company, Longo was hired to design and create monsters that represent the tariffs phone companies impose on customers. A fair use […]

When I really need to score some drugs I don’t use my cell phone to do so, that’s how you get caught. Public phones are the way to go when calling your dopeman. What can I say, we are an addicted culture. That’s why when I make my call to the neighborhood pharmacy for my […]

3 Feb
Convert your iPhone into a telephoto lens

We’ve covered iPhone telephoto lenses before, and this one’s another clean, cheap example. It easily attaches in front of your mobile phone camera — iPhone, Blackberry or any other smart phone — and zooms up to 8x, creating high-quality detailed photos. Available at Urban Outfitters for $30.

16 Nov
Show the world just how much you love chocolate while annoying everyone else in the elevator

Do you love chocolate? Do you use a cell phone? Are you out of your goddamned mind? Then boy does NTT Docomo have something for you — their latest SH-04B series of chocolate-influenced mobile phones. Yumm! Japan’s largest telecommunication network just released this latest line for all the chocolate obsessed weirdos in this world. But […]