1 Nov
A look behind the curtain of the mid-century modern maestros

Charles and Ray Eames are almost as synonymous with Los Angeles — namely Venice Beach where their studio was located — as Frank Lloyd Wright was to Chicago. They made their indelible mark as monumental designers inextricably linked to the fields of modern architecture and furniture for over a half century. The Eames Office, widely […]

Taschen’s golden book of the month is, in their words, “an unprecedented architecture encyclopedia.” The A-Z of Modern Architecture is a 2-volume, hardcover immersive experience into the architectural world of modernism. What makes this series different is its focus on the designers as opposed to the structures themselves. The books features works from the present […]

25 May
"Container Atlas" highlights the best of container architecture

As contemporary architecture continues to influence design, more and more the unlikely becomes reality…such as shipping containers becoming an architectural phenomenon. It makes sense: why not make something that is modular, affordable and virtually indestructible into a living space, even if it was used to transport bars of luxury soap from southern Italy to the […]