16 Sep
Girls go literally crazy for Muscles

Modular Records‘ raved-out It boy from a couple years ago, Muscles, is back with a new EP, Younger & Immature, due October 29. Back in 2007 we took Muscles out to lunch at Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles in Hollywood for the magazine we were running at the time, mostly because we thought it […]

22 Jul
Triangulate your needs to store stuff

J1 Studio’s T.SHELF is brilliant on 12 different levels. Abbreviated for Triangle shelf, the unique shelving system is made up of traingular pieces that can be arranged in nearly infinite combinations, allowing you to set it up around existing furniture, appliances, pets or even lazy room mates. The T.SHELF can be hung by itself on […]

22 Feb
The Boxetti Modular Furniture Collection

Maximizing the usability of your living space is the difference between having a supreme party pad or a cluttered flop house. The space-saving, modular furniture collection from Boxetti is easy on the eyes but heavy on the man-purse. The bedroom piece, for example, is priced at just over $10,600 (8000 Euros). This is maximum price […]

17 Dec
Modular, mutable, extendable

Love the idea behind these storage modules. Would look good in the living room and office. The units mount from left to right and from the bottom up. The first mounted unit gives the angle for the complete shelf assembly. Unit by unit the shelves can be pieced together and bolted to a wall. They […]

Our favorite scurrilous DJ crew from the land of Wallabees is back with another mix, One Million Volts of Techno, to show they’re still Kings of Down Under. The Bang Gang Deejays have whipped up a 52 track (!!!) aural onslaught for your summertime lovin’, and of course it’s a banger. Not as much of a […]

You might remember we love The Presets, as Arnald Babar announced the release of their new album Apocalypso a couple months back. Well, since then the duo from Oz have rolled on to become the Best Selling local act of Australia in 2008 (moving almost 100,000 albums), have sold out a tour across the US, […]