29 Apr
Create a questionable record, reap the marketing windfall

What do you do when you’re Bentley, and you want to create a spark in your marketing efforts? Easy — you break a difficult (but dubiously fringe) record, create a limited edition vehicle to commemorate this nominal achievement, and let the marketing monkeys fly. Such is the case with their latest Continental Supersports Convertible ISR, […]

26 Mar
The Icon Sheene looks to snuff the competition with its $160,000 limited edition bike

Named after the late World Champion Grand Prix motorcycle racer Barry Sheene, the Icon Sheene aims to be the world’s most expensive and most powerful production motorcycle. And if it generates its expected 250+ horsepower, and they charge the announced $160,000 (£107,000), it certainly will be. Icon Motorcycle founder Andrew Morris plans on producing only 52 […]