3 Aug
Hayes Diversified Technologies' M1030-M2 LE 670 motorcycle

There are some bikes you want for speed and performance, some for style and looks, and some for outrunning hordes of virus-infected zombies when The Event finally occurs. The streets will be packed and strewn with debris, and the only way out of a hellish dystopia like a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles will be with something […]

22 Jun
Finally, Estonia has an export

The Estonia-based Renard Motorcycles is more than just a CAD-rendered designer’s fantasy, it’s allegedly set for limited edition production. The bike features a composite carbon fiber monocoque chassis that houses the airbox, gas tank and oil reservoir in one, and is powered by a Moto Guzzi V2 engine. Comparisons to the Confederate Wraith are unavoidable, […]

16 Jun
Take a $73,000 Ducati and add plenty of carbon fiber

At World Ducati Week Bologna-based modifiers NCR debuted their “Millona 16” street rocket, a modified version of Ducati’s $72,500 Desmosedici D16RR that’s been stripped down, lightened, made more powerful and hence significantly faster. A generous amount of carbon fiber has been used throughout, including the frame, swingarm, wheels, fuel tank, fairing, tail and fenders. Other […]

19 May
Classic motorcycle goodness for under $7,000

Classic Russian motorcycle manufacturers Ural are about to introduce their entry level motorcycle to America in July, the Ural sT. What makes the motorcycle oh-so-lustworthy is its retro silhouette, which admittedly is red hot right now but still undeniably desirable. Most famous for their sidecar bikes (much of whose technology they stole from BMW), Ural […]

I’ve been silently wishing for someone to bring back the motorcycle with sidecar. Sure, its basically death-on-a-scooter for the dude in the sidecar but…well…what the hell you doing in a sidecar anyway, fruity? Unless your name is Professor Henry Jones (or you have boobies), this look is just not right. Lucky for my pointless daydreaming, […]