LIAS beloved record label Ninja Tune bestows a mega 61-track playlist upon the end of 2014.  Their Ninja Tune & Family in 2014 collects their best releases plus tracks from sub-label family members like Big Dada Sound and Technicolour Recordings. Expect edgy hip hop from artists like Wiley and Busdriver interspersed like boulders in a stream between tracks […]

The people behind the DJ Food moniker have been slicing up prime cut beats for discriminating music heads since the early 90s — initially putting out five volumes of their groundbreaking Jazz Breaks series. Although originally begun by the men behind Coldcut, DJ Food soon became a loose collective of artists under the Ninja Tune […]

8 Jul
Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of one of the greatest labels on Earth

There are no words for my love of Ninja Tune. They have put out so many of my favorite records, and filled my life with so much sonic joy, that to try to assemble words to explain my love would only sully our magical relationship. And now they’re celebrating 20 years of awesomeness, and to […]

Hope you enjoy the tunes. Mr Scruff might be the odd name out in this list of peeps, but i do appreciate his way. Happy listening…

This kid Nick Bertke (who goes by the alias ogo) did an audio and video remix of Alice In Wonderland, using 90% sound clippings from the original flick. Wow. The video is mad cool, but don’t sleep on the Ninja Tunesque audio track—it’s like if Mr. Scruff and Alice had sex on weed. Download it, […]