8 Sep
Music festivals, a brewery-based economy and car test-driving...

We’re gonna be in Portland this weekend at the launch of the 2012 Hyundai Veloster at the boutique Jupiter Hotel, and the crew at Hyundai have quite a full 12-course meal of activities in front of us. It’s gonna be a doozy, but we’ll throw up a gallery of the weekend as it goes down. […]

18 Nov
The inimitable Gus da Hoodrat from Australia's biggest DJ crew the Bang Gang DJs gives us a tour of his hometown

Coordinates: Sydney [Every Coordinates we’ll be bringing you the best of a city, a personalized tour of a locale’s dizzying highs n terrifying lows as seen through the eyes of an LIAS Ambassador.] For the inaugural installment of our Coordinates series we could not have chosen a better subject than Angus Gruzman, aka Gus da […]

21 Aug
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Dance

words by Aldo Davalos // photos by Ellei Johndro (Shadow Scene) On December 31st 1996, Los Angeles hosted one of the largest massive raves that the city had ever seen. Entitled Seventh Heaven, over 10,000 people from across the southland descended upon the Grand Olympic Auditorium to usher in the New Year. I remember this […]

SPRFKR is a not like any ordinary tee shirt brand. These graphically themed tees firmly cross the line into wearable art — all designed by Art Nouveau fanatic and California native Marco Rashed. With a touch of horror, lots of blood, and plenty of naked chicks, this Rialto Death Brigade is finally bringing something intelligent […]

8 Jun
Hey Djs, Here Is Your “Chance” At A Dream Gig

I guess Lollapalooza has been doing this online Battle of the Bands thing for the past three years and they’ll be doing it again this year. Kinda nice considering that the hardest thing to get if you’re an up and coming DJ is a good gig and an audience. Groupies too. The winner of the […]

I just got this in the mail — Soundclash of the Titans, a collabo from Shepard Fairey’s OBEY imprint. It’s a 2 part mix, the first by one of the greatest DJs on the planet, and the original master of the mashup, Z-Trip. The second is by indie/fidget/electro-house producers extraordinaire MSTRKRFT. Both are stupid dope, […]

As you may have discerned by now, we’re kind of all over the musical map — but the Madman don’t really give a fuck about that. We’re not a music blog, smartypants, so we just share what we think is dope in this great big Supermarket we’re all wondering around in. We poke stuff, and […]

Last week MSTRKRFT filmed a video for “Bounce” with N.O.R.E. at the Roxy. They brought a bunch of indie dance contenders like Lazaro Casanova, Steve Aoki and LA Riots and basically had a bang up party. Shit was fun. Someone even brought a hipsterized decapitated head to throw around the audience, complete with stubble and […]