11 Dec
Sophia DeArborne goes deep undercover at the art world's most debaucherous weekend

In preparation for my evening arrival in Miami for the 2009 installment of Art Basel I prepared with all of the essentials including camera, pen, paper, computer, sunscreen and Advil. Basel is the tour de force of the Art world and I did not want to be trampled. The minute I stepped out of the […]

3 Nov
“Reefer Madness” for the Internet generation?

I pretty much stopped watching MTV right after they killed the radio star. Ok, not right at day 1, cuz I did enjoy Randee of the Redwoods. That was a long ass time ago, tho. David Wexler, the creator of College Life on MTV, is the guy behind Evil Weed. Online info about the film […]

5 Aug
Dancehall Kama Sutra

Here’s the latest video by the super busy Major Lazer, who continue to elevate the artform to another level — you may remember their Saturday morning Thundarr the Barbarian-inspired video for “Hold the Line” (which was just nominated yesterday for an MTV Video Music Award for Best Breakthrough Artist…as if that’s worth a pile of […]