18 Sep
For when your Colombian Gold demands African Gold

French luxury brand Watch Life With Curiosity likes to layer the impractically lavish onto the otherwise practical. So if you’re really want your coffee with creme de la creme, why not carry it in a tumbler coated in crocodile carcass? If you’re already grumbling about paying $5 to Starbucks for their liquid crack, then you just […]

Secret admission: I’m a dick in the mornings. Don’t like them, never have. I’m pretty much a night owl, my juices flowing best after 10 PM. But life calls for early mornings, which for me is anytime before 9 AM — and my way to kick things off is with a big mug of Stumptown […]

29 Oct
Now the iPhone can save your life... sort of

Spraytect brings you the latest in self-defense technology to protect you and your iPhone from harm. This “groundbreaking” personal protection device comes in turquoise, white, black and of course pink, and is a proprietary blend of peppers, using one of the hottest habaneros as its main ingredient. It is the same blend used by Homeland […]

Swedish House Mafia may be the current lords of mainstream dance music, but we certainly dig this video interpretation of their dancefloor anthem “Save the World”. How can you hate on a video where they make an army of pooches the heroes of the day? Directed by Jon Watts, the video was inspired by the […]

26 Jan
French artist Bertrand Fevre creates the ultimate porcelain mug

Bertrand Fevre was the winner of the recent International Creation of Limoges Porcelain Award, a competition held this past summer inviting artists all over to create an original work of art using only Limoges Porcelain. The competition was hosted by the eponymous French city of Limoges, as the town has gained worldwide renown for their […]

16 Nov
Cannon or Nikon lens mug, take your pic

The Camera Lens Mug is the perfect nostalgic item for any photography buff. A Cannon or Nikon lens completely lined with stainless steel, working zoom, auto focus switch and a camera lens cap to keep you cup of Stumptown joe from spilling over. Don’t just stop at coffee and other hot beverages, how about using […]

11 Aug
The Bottoms Up Beer Glass and Vino Mug are here to set you straight...sort of

Have you ever drank to the point where you were upside down? Of course you have, who hasn’t. In such occassions, the Bottoms Up Beer Glass (above left) may just be the perfect drinking accessory. Sure you’re upside down, but as the beer looks like it’s in an upside down beer bottle, it will totally invert […]