Digital concept artist in the world of film, video games and comics, Dan LuVisi has put together a brilliant series of digital art that is part parody, part sociopathy and part ghoulish horror… and all blended with the cartoon favorites of your youth. Want to keep up with the narratives behind the likes of Homer Simpsons’ […]

6 Jan
A hip hop star's raging id interpreted in Muppet format

Sure this may not be as well done as Bert & Ernie’s “Ante-Up”,  but it still makes for a clever re-visioning of Kanye’s id-fueled poetic catharsis. Muppets covering rappers…will it ever get old? Not when it’s done well… Thanks Lawless!

13 Aug
Joshua Ben Longo finally collects some coin from making stuffed animals

One of the artists we’ve loved for awhile (and did an awesome featured interview with), Joshua Ben Longo has gotten a big break with German ad agency VCCP. Working for their client Euro Telecommunications company, Longo was hired to design and create monsters that represent the tariffs phone companies impose on customers. A fair use […]

I love me my breakbeats. Even more so when paired with muppets, boobs, and drugs. Really no more introduction needed…

31 Jul

Ok, fine — I’m a sucker for rapping Muppets. You caught me. I can’t quite explain it, but the shit just kills me. I mean, first off you got the killer DJ Premier beat as the jump off, but could the animators choose a more paradoxical group than M.O.P. to cast Bert and Ernie rapping […]

I don’t what makes this so funny to me — Elmo in a dirty wifebeater, Bert as Bushwick Bill’s phantom nemesis, or a Brat as Scarface’s bitchsmacked ghetto ho — but for some reason a cognac swiggin’, gun totin’, blunt smokin’ muppet really makes me laugh. Go figure. Btw, am I crazy or is Elmo […]