21 Jul
One-half of French touch masters Cassius gets us in the mood

Boombass, the man who made his name as half of French touch masters Cassius in the 90s, plays his favorite tracks to get us in the mood. He succeeds. Play it below or download it from official.fm.

27 May
Fairly Legal's protagonist takes you on a (almost nude) home tour

Have y’all seen Fairly Legal? Yeah, me neither. Is it about a girl who hangs around in her apartment rolling around in panties and tank tops, occasionally pausing to brush her teeth in black underwear? Because if it’s not, then I got a treatment for a surefire summer hit. I’m gonna call it, Hot Girl […]

Esquire invites Paz de la Huerta to be the latest installment in their Me In My Place series, where beautiful women invite an anonymous photographer back to their personal habitat for an intimate photoshoot. So Paz invites him back to her New York apartment to photograph her, you know, tying on boots and rolling around […]

An absolutely amazing concept so brilliant, it’s hard to believe it actually exists. Filipino artist Louie Cordero usually manifests his art thru painting, but in his latest exhibit “My We” he’s created 4 fiberglass figures which have been impaled with weapons of every sort. The bodies are thrown against the walls, and crawling on the […]

Inhae Lee has a sweet tooth. So she created a world so coated with sugary goodness that readers have developed a sweet addiction (just look at the comments). Her My Milk Toof pictorial blog about 2 adorable teeth that return to their owner’s home has garnered an international fan base of readers both old and […]