17 Jul
Ursula & Erwin frames for the Spring/Summer collaboration

Entertainer and enfant terrible Bernard Willhelm is nothing new in terms of collaborations with MYKITA, their pre-established crossover now adding the Ursula and Erwin designs to the current Spring/Summer collection. Each design is based around a lightweight adjustable steel frame with a snap hinge available in several shades of mirrored lenses. The Ursula holds a streamlined shaped version […]

12 Dec
Modern design avant-garde frames with the mountains in mind

French clothing company Moncler teams up with avant garde German eyewear designer MYKITA for a series of sunglasses aimed straight at the mountains. Like the Mylon Spring/Summer sunglass collection Mykita unveiled last month, the new goggle-like collaborative frames will be made of the Mylon material, and features a modern designs that represent both brands nicely. To […]

30 Nov
New material & Zeiss lenses for luxury sport eyewear for 2012

MYKITA launches its Spring/Summer 2012 collection with eyewear made from a new material called Mylon. The material is created for durability and personal adaptability of the wearer. The Berlin based company hopes to attract “hipster golfers” with some models that will feature Zeiss-developed lenses — offering performance polarized lenses outfitted in fashion forward frames. The […]

28 Apr
Future forward eyewear for Spring/Summer 2011

MYKITA has certainly never shied away from teaming up with an avant garde designer to offer a far-future look at eyewear. Their designs with Rad Hourani — as well as their headscratching Yuri sunglasses — are exercises in the eccentric. This latest collaboration effort with designer Bernhard Willhelm may not be as pioneering, but they’ll […]

17 Sep
Future looks for Spring/Summer 2011

Rad Hourani likes to keep his styles unisex, and so are his sunglasses for Spring/Summer of next year. With matte black frames and black lenses, they manage to retain a semblance of subtlety despite their bold retro-futuristic styling. They’ll cost you $500 but won’t be available till next spring. If you can’t wait, pre-order them […]

23 Apr
Classic shades to ward off the summer glare

Summer is quickly approaching, so it’s about that time to gather the necessary accouterments needed to keep your cool (both literally and metaphorically, of course). For those of you who are intimidated by the more immediate trends materializing this season — say like the MWM x Ray-Ban’s we posted a couple days ago —  Mykita […]

23 Mar
Yuri Sunglasses by Mykita

The Yuri sunglasses collection, designed by the Berlin-based Mykita for Romain Kremer, is an exercise in the eccentric. There isn’t much information out about this batch of German ingenuity, but I could wager a guess that this piece of head gear will be all the rage in the competitive sports arena. That’s right, the Yuri […]