22 Jun
Nick Stern imitates the world's most famous street artist

You Are Not Bansky is the new creative output from Los Angeles-based photographer Nick Stern. You Are Not Banksy is pretty much what it sounds like — a real-life series of human beings posing as famous Banksy stencils, eight photographs in all. Although this is quite the clever project, Stern is better known for his News […]

20 Jan
The best way to cleanse yourself from the foul taste of the GOP

My god what a shit show the 2012 Republican Presidential campaign has turned into… wait a second, was it ever good? You got one crap stain who left his wife with cancer so he could hook up with a younger mistress talking about the “sanctity of marriage” (you know, because Jesus doesn’t want “gays” to […]

2 May
Faithfully recreating the most important moments in history

The infamous NMA.TV do their own Taiwanese animated news interpretation of what the Osama Bin Laden capture/firefight must’ve looked like. I don’t know exactly how accurate this version is, but I do like Obama going up on stage and kicking Donald Trump to the curb. That’s a nice touch…

29 Apr
Create a questionable record, reap the marketing windfall

What do you do when you’re Bentley, and you want to create a spark in your marketing efforts? Easy — you break a difficult (but dubiously fringe) record, create a limited edition vehicle to commemorate this nominal achievement, and let the marketing monkeys fly. Such is the case with their latest Continental Supersports Convertible ISR, […]

19 Mar
Breaking News: Newspapers Are Dead!

. It seems the digital age is starting to mock the archaic printed and paper forms of the past. Well, now you can get in on the action, with your very own Newspaper Print Laptop Bag. The plastic laptop bag, designed by Mitemite, is covered with newspaper print to give the illusion of a folded paper on […]

5 Nov
Curious whether or not a gay dude or a straight girl gives the best blowjob?

Everyone’s favorite crassholes are releasing a new book, News, Nudity and Nonsense: the Best of VICE Volume 2. The book is a collection of work covering a broad range of topics. The kinda shit they do so well—more bathroom than coffee table material. You get your “Guide To Partying”, highlighting such topics as the importance […]

1 May
Charlie Meadows plugs the Roadster in for a spin

Hit the Jump to read Charlie Meadow’s Tesla Roadster review, plus the latest Tesla news and photo gallery of the drive. All photos of Tesla Roadster by Robert Kerian

I have a feeling we’re about to have some mind-blowing technology dropped on our collective ass. This is some next level business right here—welcome to the Diamond Age people. Mutating matter. Really? If shit like this isn’t too far off from becoming commercially practical what kinda tomfoolery is our government quietly tweaking behind closed doors? […]