We’ve covered previous other racy Boom-Art collections such as the 1970s Pin-Up Girl Skateboards, but none have been as sexually charged (or controversial) as their latest collaboration: the Disney Orgy Skate Decks. As can be inferred from the title, the two limited edition skate decks feature a hilarious take on classic Disney characters doing very, very, […]

11 Oct
720-page softcover features hundreds of never-before-seen images

Post-WWII Japan led to a lot of change for the visual makeup of the country. Given a nearly blank slate by the massive devastation the country suffered during the war, a group of architects, artists and designers worked to plan and think of new ways to rebuild the country once again. With a super-creative bureaucracy […]

3 Jun
Grab a seat on the stool made from newspapers or periodicals

The NJUStudio Hockenheim stool, as it’s called, is a DIY’ers dream come true. Recyclers around the world can rejoice in knowing this newest piece of furniture is made up in part by old magazines that might otherwise be thrown in the trash, and hoarders might rejoice in knowing their library of old Vanity Fairs can […]

In commemoration of the traditional vinyl, CD and digital release of the new Radiohead album The King of Limbs (out tomorrow, March 29, on tbd records), the band has created a newspaper called The Universal Sigh which it will be distributing free. Dedicated teams will be handing out copies of the paper across the USA, […]

22 Jul
The ultimate in couture upcycling

I blame Blade Runner, but for some reason I have an attraction to the simplicity and beauty…and ritual…of origami. Apparently, so does artist Yuliya Kyrpo. She crafted the elegant bustier gown above strictly out of newspaper — but not just any newpsaper, mind you, but from 1,000 paper cranes carefully hand-folded from old recycled Metro […]

14 Apr
"Newsworthy" wallpaper made of 100% up-cycled newspaper

For me the ideal modern product not only looks visually engaging, and ads some aesthetic enjoyment to your life, but also does so while being sustainable…or at least doesn’t club pandas in the Arctic while doing so. Which is why I dig product designer Lori Weitzner‘s wallpaper made of 100% up-cycled newspaper print. Her Newsworthy […]

19 Mar
Breaking News: Newspapers Are Dead!

. It seems the digital age is starting to mock the archaic printed and paper forms of the past. Well, now you can get in on the action, with your very own Newspaper Print Laptop Bag. The plastic laptop bag, designed by Mitemite, is covered with newspaper print to give the illusion of a folded paper on […]

26 Aug
Predicting the end of an industry in 1981

Hard to imagine this is from 1981. David Cole of the San Francisco Examiner must feel like Nostradamus when watching this on his iPhone, patiently waiting in line to pick up his unemployment check. “We’re not in it to make money – we’re probably not going to lose a lot, but we aren’t going to […]