26 Sep
Impeccable graphic tees from Sydney, Australia

Husband and wife duo Marc Hendrick and Anna Lunoe may have perfected it. Das Monk came about when the two wanted to begin designing t-shirts, but combine it with graphics from emerging artists around their home land in Australia. It allowed them to have a variety of prints and unique art work on their t-shirt designs.Their […]

10 Aug
A soulful soundtrack to a NASA-inspired love story

Pittsburgh DJ/producer Kastle dropped a really interesting mix this week, one that heavily samples an interview by WNYC’s Radiolab with Ann Druyan. Druyan was interviewed about her NASA-driven love story with Carl Sagan and their role in the compilation of the Voyager Golden Record. “Toward the end of the summer of ‘77, NASA launched two spacecraft as […]

22 Jun
José Castrellón captures the indelible and pan-continental desire for men to claim their transportation via personal modifications

The Panamanian photographer José Castrellón has developed his Priti Baiks series (aka “pretty bikes”) to document the Panamanian phenomenon of overly wrought, heavily modified bikes. While most Panamanians don’t have the capital to modify their cars to Fast and the Furious levels (or to own a car at all, for that matter), the young men […]

21 Jun
An peek into 8 months of hard living for the globetrotting producer

In the context of electronic producers leading the vanguard in sound creation, Skrillex has quickly leapt into the forefront of the global conversation. The man creates music that’ll terrorize those with weaker hearts, while sending flocks of adrenaline-seeking youths into states of dancefloor delirium. His Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites EP launched him into the […]

9 Nov
The touch up sneaker for Fall/Winter 2010

A beautiful new iteration of the adidas Nizza featuring a quilted collar, contrasting red stitching on the tongue and a convenient heel zip for easy take off. Set for Fall/Winter 2010 release, these adidas Nizzas will be available in either a khaki or black upper with matching toebox. Clean and nice. via Streething

22 Jun
Italian footwear label re-ups for SS2011

The clean silhouettes of  Volta are getting a re-up on two fronts for their Spring/Summer 2011 collection. With their signature Classic model, the Italian footwear label mixes up the materials with canvas, deer leather, linen and camo options for several new looks. Moreover they’ve also added a new higher cut model called the Summer Boot […]

6 May
Four new tshirts for summer lounging

Swedish super brand Acne has just released four new tshirts, available at Por Vocacao. As they say, “there shouldn’t be much difference between Good and Nice print t-shirts but, if ever in doubt, Acne has made both. Available in sun faded blueberry or grey melange, the Good t-shirt features a surrealistic hand print, has a […]