This short and winsome tale tells the story of one Nikolai Tesla vs. the Douchebaggery of Thomas Edison. Now I know Edison did a lot of crazy shit himself, like invent the lightbulb, record player and film camera, but the man held many things to be desired — such as his respect for onetime employee-soon-to-be-nemesis  […]

26 Jan
Can Cletus root for a Kraut?

The Red Baron came out in Europe in 2008 but never saw stateside release. Not surprising — no this wasn’t WWII and they weren’t Nazis of course, but something tells me Cletus in Alabama might have a hard time shelling out $10 to see a German hero shoot down Brits. Then again, I doubt Cletus […]

17 Sep
2 of Frankfurt's best supercars revealed

Jalopnik has a great image gallery of the new Marussia B2 supercar, the fruits of recent Russian mobster tactic illegal weapons dealings oil wealth. Revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show now underway, there aren’t many details to share at this time (other than it was penned by Nikolai Fomenko, of Top Gear Russia fame), but […]