27 Sep
Adding a touch of mortality to every meal

Are you a self-professed chef? Is your kitchen cluttered with spices and ingredients for that totally kick ass meal you saw on No Reservations? Have you ever wanted to tidy up said kitchen, and combine your ingredients with the aesthetic handsomeness of collectible art? Well then Helen Altman‘s Skulls series is right up your alley. […]

12 Mar
A hungry amateur's foodie exploration of Korea

The largest Korean population outside of Korea can be found here in my hometown: Los Angeles. Our K-town is thriving — endless nori-bangs (private karaoke rooms), neon-lit buildings, and hundreds of Korean restaurants to choose from. But even with the conditions ripe for exploring this exquisite gastronomy, I still found my Korean food choices limited […]

17 Sep
Propping up Seoul's nascent street culture, and pushing the movement forward

I had the opportunity to check out the R-16 (R = Respect) festival last year in Suwon, just outside of Seoul, Korea. I haven’t been to many breakdancing contests. OK, that was my first one. It didn’t take much, though, to realize that the event is bringing a level of legitimacy to an artform that […]