Nooka watchmakers have teamed up with pop artist Jon Burgerman, an artist known for his pop-art “doodle” style. The collab occurs on a limited-edition 200-piece run on the unique “Nooka K” model, which boasts of being amongst the lightest weight watches the brand has to offer — along with having one of the more innovative digital […]

18 Dec
Reflecting how we simple humans perceive passage of time

The fine folks over at NOOKA offer a head turning timepiece that’s as stunning in its design as it is in its heft (or lack thereof). The NOOKA K gets its name from the Japanese word “Kei” meaning light — which makes sense, as the K is NOOKA’s lightest watch ever made. Weighing in at an airy 1.5 ounces, […]

4 Jun
More 80s future-retro for summer

Innovative and ultra-stylized watchmaker Nooka throw their hat into the eyewear market with their new Mercury sunglasses. The Mercury collection are available in six colors: classic black and white, as well as four attention-grabbing neon shades. The polymer-injected frames make the Nooka sunglasses light-weight and durable, with matching rubber nose-piece and ear guards for comfort. […]

4 May
DDG x Nooka customized watches

The typically stylish watch designers Nooka have come together with Deviant Design Group to create some not-so-subtle “iced out” watches. These custom watches will allow for various choices in precious stones, diamonds, gold, inscriptions, strap materials, and, should you want to personalize the watch even more, you’re welcome to do so. “Together, the two design […]

30 May
Born From The Sci-Fi Influences And Music Of DFA Records

DFA has teamed up with Nooka to create The Juan Maclean x NookaNooka watch. Makes sense considering Nooka is the official sponsor for Juan’s US Tour this spring. The press release says that the little robot will be hitting the road this month and next with The Juan Maclean and making appearances at select shows. […]

The pixel display on Nooka’s latest watch, The Zon, puts a unique spin on telling the time (see a pix after the jump). If you don’t like your time told creatively, you can switch modes to a regular numerical digital display. For the world travelers out there, you’ll dig the world time function. The $650 […]