Wes Anderson returns with the trailer to his latest film offering, The Grand Budapest Hotel. Although Wes certainly has his tropes — not to mention favorite actors — the release of one of his films is always something to look forward to. His newest exercise of whimsy revolves around Gustave H (played by Ralph Fiennes) and […]

Ask most girls what they would like to do best on a Sunday afternoon and I guarantee you’ll hear many say they’d like to hit Barney’s, NOT check out the East Side Moto Babes (ESMB) — a team of four female moto riders and enthusiasts who are serious racers of vintage motorcycles. Don’t get me wrong, […]

13 Jan
Bill Murray, Jason Schwartzman & Anderson reunited again

Any day is a happy day that brings a little Wes Anderson into your life. Today is such a day. The trailer for his new film Moonrise Kingdom shows no signs of the endlessly whimsical and creative auteur slowing down. I mean, dude’s only like 40 but still — so many good films and they […]

1 Apr
The oldest bike manufacturer in the world begins US invasion

Along with many of the competitors of its day — such as Matchless, BSA, Norton, Triumph, etc — Royal Enfield converted its plants from making an array of powered goods (including motorcycles) to producing firearms during WWII. After the war, it was among that breed of British motorcycles above that defined an era. With the […]

3 Aug
Honda enters a whole new marketplace...and pricepoint

Honda entered the American market on the strength of its lightweight motorcycles, an invasion that almost heralded doom for Harley Davidson (and did sound the eventual death knell for most British manufacturers like BSA, Norton and Triumph). Then in the 1960s they introduced their first small cars into the Land of the Muscle Car and […]

23 Jun
Flying free in the California deserts

We brought you the unveiling of Falcon’s sophomore effort, the Kestrel, last month. While we got to see it run, the only thing the world saw was its sheer cosmetic beauty. Well the Kestrel is more than just a gorgeous showpiece, it’s also one helluva motorcycle (I wish I had video of the guy’s face […]

11 Jun
Ossa, Triumph, BSA, Moto Guzzi, Ariel, Norton, Maserati, Velocette, Corbin, Husqvarna, Mondial, Matchless and Flanders

The fourth volume of vintage Motorcycle logos collected at the Quail Motorcycle Gathering (see Vol I, Vol II and Vol III here). This week look out for the Corbin electric motorcycle, Ariel and Velocette. Ossa, Triumph, BSA, Moto Guzzi,, Norton, Maserati, Husqvarna, Mondial, Matchless and Flanders as well. Enjoy volume 4, one final volume coming […]

4 Jun
Bultaco, Ducati, Matchless, Norton, BSA, Laverda, Crocker and Brough Superior

The third volume of vintage Motorcycle logos collected at the Quail Motorcycle Gathering (see Vol I and Vol II here). This week is a bit special due to the presence of three incredibly rare and coveted motos, the Crocker, Sunbeam and Brough Superior. Not that Bultaco, Ducati, Matchless, Norton, BSA or Laverda are anything to […]